A practical guide on how to create and distribute coupons among your audience:

Over 20 examples of how to create and distribute digital coupons to redeem in e-commerce and physical stores. Learn how to configure different types of coupons (nominal, with promotional codes, alphanumeric codes, barcodes, and QR codes). See real-life examples of how to promote them, present them as prizes, and even redeem them if your brand doesn't have a specific redemption tool.


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This Ultimate Digital Coupon Guide will help you:

  • Learn about the types of digital coupons available and how to use them.
  • Find out the most effective coupon distribution strategies to achieve your marketing goals.
  • See over 20 real-life examples of brands that have used Easypromos for their coupon distribution campaigns.

“Best practices involve delivering a relevant coupon to
the right person at the right moment”

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