Interactive Marketing Strategies for Shopping Malls

More than 30 real-life examples of interactive marketing used by shopping malls to achieve their business objectives: Increased sales, customer loyalty and retention, lead generation, in-store visitors, app downloads, and more. New challenges require a new approach, such as gamification, in-store user experience, and top-notch social media strategies. And we cover all of them in this ebook.


Download this ebook and learn how to run interactive marketing campaigns for shopping malls

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This guide with shopping mall examples will help you:

  • Learn strategies to acquire customers, build loyalty, and drive traffic to the point of sale.
  • Learn about the prizes used in each promotion to capture target audiences' attention and promote participation.
  • See how shopping centers have used interactive actions to promote their stores and facilities.

All our applications give you access to valuable participant data, which will be useful in future marketing campaigns.